Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hello to all

I joined the Buffy KAL about a week-ish ago, and I am a bit tardy in my introdution post. I live in Overland Park, Kansas, married, no kids, and 40. I love all things related to Buffy (the television version, not so much the movie). My favorite episodes, although I enjoy them all, are from the seasons where Angel is still part of the gang. Spike is a hotty for sure, but Angel is the one I always hoped Buffy would end up with...

Buffy is my favorite of the characters, but I am not the leader type. I enjoy all the characters, but Willow is probably my next favorite after Buffy. She is smart, soft spoken, funny, and deadly with the magicks. I have always loved all things magic since I was a child, so the witches' category was a natural fit for me.

As for what's OTN, I am working on a shawlette that was pictured in the Spring edition of Interweave Knits on page 82. I think they call it the "Clementine Shawlette", but I am looking for a way to link this to the show. Any ideas? I am using fingering weight for the shawl as I pretty much hate knitting with lace weight yarns. The yarn is Trekking XXL, and it is a dark, dusty purple with navy blue, and a little bit of rosy tones. See my blog for photos of last week's progress. However, it is not nearly so pink as the camera shows - it is much more purple.

Happy knitting to all, and thank you for allowing me to join the KAL.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome! Yeah, the movie...not a bright spot in the Buffy oeuvre.

Can you upload a picture of the shawl? Surely someone here will have the perfect connection. :-)