Friday, June 22, 2007

Just a Hello and a thank you

I joined about five minutes ago. I am a knitting grad student who is a tiny bit obsessed with Buffy. Three years ago, I made different friends buy me the different seasons I was missing. I have a very hard time pining down just one episode for my favorite. Each season had some brilliant writing and acting for example Hush, Something Blue, Once More with Feeling, Lies my Parents Told Me etc. My favorite season is season 2 and I am sentimentally attached to Welcome to the Hellmouth and The Harvest. They reminded me why I watched the show weekly, and they got me to need the entire series.
This is getting long. The reason I joined the Slayer, I couldn't think what group I did belong to. I liked the idea of being part a group that gives power to women indiscriminately and being in the same group as Buffy and Faith is neat. We will ignore Kennedy. As for what is on the needles some socks that I need to finish so I can cast on for my Buffy Socks. Alll right I'm ending my babble now.
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Anonymous said...

Do you have a pattern picked out for the Buffy socks? I have some Buffy yarn that I'm longing to make socks with.

Bezzie said...

Welcome! I just cast on a pair of Buffy-ish socks myself!

Lumie said...

The pattern I was thinking about using was the Thelonious pattern from Cookie A. I was worried about yardage however so I just casted on 64 stitches and I'm making up a simple cable pattern as I go with a cabled heel flap.