Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blog Contest/Giveaway

Hello Buffsters!

What is the appropriate and official name for BtVS fans? Do we have one?

**NEWS** I'm moving my blog to a new host, and I invite everyone to come hangout here. I'm giving away two skeins of KnitPicks Sock Garden in Morning Glory (discontinued) to one lucky commenter.

Also, I'm up to the 13th (?) episode of Season Two, just before Angel reaches complete happiness and goes all evil. Joss Whedon has mastered the "oh-everything-is-so-perfect-now-something-is-going-to-rip-my-heart-out" school of plots, and they're darn effective. And I'm still working on the headband, but I had to rip out about 10 rows due to errors. They have nothing to do with watching Buffy while trying to knit a simple lace pattern. Nothing at all. Nope.

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