Monday, April 9, 2007

It's The Lame Introduction Post!

Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Kelly, or Just A Knit Wit on my blog.

I started the KAL after Amy at Knit Think asked for ideas to knit for her Buffy Sing Along. So many people came up with so many ideas that it just HAD to happen.

I put myself into the Watchers group because Giles is dead sexy. And I'm just as in love with my books as he is with his.

My favorite episode... hmm... I'd have to say it's the one where Cordelia wishes that Buffy never went to Sunnydale. I love the episodes where the characters are other than what they usually are.

My favorite character is Spike. I love him when he's evil. He's still cool when he gets neutered the chip in his head, but evil... woo baby!

Right now I'm knitting a pair of Jay Walkers (my first pair!)

The colors remind me of something that Willow would have worn in Season one. Very unmatchy and brite.

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Bev said...

You are right, I could totally see these on Willow. very clever thinking!