Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's great to Meet Ya!

Another introductory post here. I'm Bev, and I blog here. I'm very psyched for this group and I like the looser approach to choosing items to knit than a lot of other KAL's out there. Normally, I knit socks and lots of them. They are my very favorite thing to knit. Otherwise I like ethnic designs and stranded color work.

I chose to be in the watcher group. Well, much like Giles, it's my destiny (;>). In my non-knitting life I'm a graduate student and I study religion. So, as an academic, it's my job to deal with lots of esoteric and strange information. Also, like any good watcher, I actually can read several obscure and ancient languages. Go ahead, ask me anything - if I don't have the answer, I know the book you can find it in.

It's very hard for me to choose a favorite episode. I love season three and I'd argue that was the best of the series. However, I love a lot of episodes for different reasons. I was a big fan of Faith and her story lines, as well as Willow and her story lines. However, I think the best for me was Revelations, when Faith's new watcher,Gwendolen Post, comes because you learn a lot about the character of the gang, Buffy's vulnerabilities and strengths, and good old fashion supernatural activity. In my mind, that episode has all the good stuff Joss Whedon is known for writing - witty dialog, compelling drama, and nuanced relationships. I think my second favorite is The Prom, because I'm a softy and it's nice to see Buffy's hard work appreciated. I admit it, that episode always makes me cry! Others high on my list include Hush, The Gift, Selfless, Passion, and Innocence.

I have two papers left to write this semester (no final exams in grad school) and then I'm going to begin re-watching the series with the rest of you. If I start now I will get completely sidetracked. In the meantime, I've been inspired by thinking about the "what episode is your favorite?" question to think that maybe I'd like to find something Gwendolen Post-like to knit first. I'm open to suggestions from everybody because the first instinct I have is a straight-laced school-marmish skirt, but YIKES, all that stockinette - no way!


Just A Knit Wit said...

How about a pair of cool looking fingerless gloves, since she was after that manic glove thing.

Susan said...

Love the fingerless glove suggestion! Maybe a tweedy cardigan? She was all British and stuff. (That sounded very grown up, huh?)

Bezzie said...

I like the idea of something Gwendolyn Postish!

Bev said...

Fingerless gloves are an excellent idea. So is the tweed. I asked my hubby this morning (also a Buffy fan and a knitter) and he said she wore a couple of cute petite sweaters. Well, I'll have to re-watch the episode though because I'm a little too round (wink) for "petite" so it may be the glove idea for me.