Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I thought I'd share a bit of my Buffy/knitting overlap. A few years ago my husband bought me a Buffy lunchbox. I had it sitting on a shelf for a long time but I could never find a good use for it:

After we moved into our house I was on a bit of a mission to be more organized (yeah I'm over it now) and I came up with the perfect use for my lunchbox:

...circular needle storage!

I thought I would weigh in on the Buffy comic since a few people have asked what I thought of it. So far it's fun. Certainly I love that Joss is writing the first 6 issues, all the characters seem so much more authentic than when someone else is writing them. The story hasn't really caught me yet but I know that Joss can be a bit of a slow builder so I have high hopes that it's going to get much more enthralling soon!

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Bev said...

That's good thinking there. I go in spurts with the organizing myself. In the meantime, I read this interview with Joss a bit before the first episode in the series came out. I'm going to attempt to link to it here, but if the link doesn't work I'll just post it later.

Joss Whedon Interview