Monday, October 1, 2007

Brief Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Jen. I'm a huge fan and a friend of mine told me about this KAL and I just had to join. I've begun knitting again as a form of meditation, to wind down and relax. I'm working on several projects right now, a few Harry Potter related, but I hope to do more an branch my crafting into another fandom I absolutely adore.

Now, the favorites... I can tell you my favorite season is 2, but those other favorites are a bit trickier. I am a raging Spike fan girl, have been since high school (way back in the 1900s, I graduate the same year the gang did). That said, I think Drusilla is my favorite character overall. I just love the crazy ones, what can I say. My favorite 'good guy' is probably Giles. As far as episode goes, thats even harder. It varies with my mood, but right now I'd have to say Normal Again from season 6.

That's all I can think of for now so I'll quit before I begin rambling :)


Just A Knit Wit said...

Welcome to the group! I'm a huge Spike girl as well. How can you not be?

Allyson said...

Hey Jen! Glad you joined us. Our Buffy knitting nights will be even more fun now - we'll just have to get Kate to join us here also! :)

classless said...

We did a little mashup with the Buffy titles, perhaps you like it:

Buffy The Slayer & The Angel of Death

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