Monday, September 24, 2007

New Member Saying Hello

Hi everyone!

I'm very excited to be part of this KAL! BTVS is my favorite show of all time, and so I love that I can combine my new love of knitting with my favorite show!

Choosing a favorite episode is really hard. It might be "Tabula Rasa" from Season 6. That's the one where Willow tries to cast a spell to make Buffy & Tara lose part of their memory, but then everyone forgets who they are. Spike believes his name is Randy, and that he's Giles' son, Buffy decides her name is Joan, everyone calls Xander "Alex", etc. So funny. Yet it still ends with that BTVS heartbreak Joss is known to do so well.

I chose to be in the Scoobies group - I really believe in working for good & for change, but I usually like to support the movement rather than head it up. For example, I've been out on the campaign trail for the next Presidential election, but I would never want to be President. You know?

I just started knitting, I've completed a scarf so far, and am now working on my first pair of socks and an afghan. I also created a knitting journal to record my projects. I am primarily a scrapbooker, so that of course was a necessity!

You can read more about my various projects and such on my blog at

Thanks for having me - looking forward to posting some projects here! :)


Drucilla said...


Ah yes, Tabula Rasa. Blank Slate. I've figured out that the reason they all lost their memory is because the entire bag of crystals flamed up. Ah, Willow. Why can't you just stay away from magic? You know it's bad for you.

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