Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pink Raglan

I've recently rewatched seasons 1 through 4, and I finished knitting the torso of my current WIP last night as I started on season 5. This is a top down raglan in merino for my daughter, who is 5 but knows all the lyrics to Once More With Feeling and will sing them while acting out the scenes :D. She's been doing that for two years. I watched loads of Buffy during my pregnancy to cheer her up and I think maybe that made her a fan before she was even born.


Bubblesknits said...

That's a beautiful sweater! And what a great daughter you have!


Bezzie said...

How cute is that sweater! I'd wear a grownup sized version!

vinny said...

thank you :) im on the cuffs right now, then ive got the inevitable ends to weave in, then the buttons, then its my turn for something good. Im thinking of using one of willows jumpers from the earlier seasons as inspiration.