Saturday, June 30, 2007


I was just watching Helpless, and I noticed Willow's hat. Since my other project wasn't working, I thought I'd give it a try.

Why does Willow wear hats anyway? It's Sunnydale. Season Three was the first and only time it snowed in Sunnydale. It does fit her personality, but it doen't make sense.

Just a comment.


Bezzie said...

I think when you live in CA, your idea of what "cold" is changes. Therefore what northern dwellers think of "hot" is actually "cold" to Socal-ers.

Or maybe the A/C at Sunnydale High was just up too high!

Robyn said...

I also wonder why she wears such ridiculous hats. And how she gets to wear a hat in school- and how Buffy & Cordy get to wear skirts that are miles too short- but that may just be the teacher in me.

Cobbalicious said...

I think half the outfits in Buffy don't make much sense. Would you really slay in couture? And let's talk about all those fashionable winter coats.

I chalk it up to the fun of seeing new fashion (at the time), and I occasionally take a moment to feel sorry for the actors who much have been sweltering under all those bright lights and wool.