Friday, May 18, 2007

Season Two Crush

I think I see a theme for my socks for this KAL. I excitedly pulled out of my stash some Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in the colorway Crush. Yay! Crush is a Season 5 episode! Then as I was looking , I realized it was a red colorway. Red like the Season 2 case. So, I guess these are my Buffy Season Two Crush socks. (I like names for my socks, can you tell?) This trend may end though, as I don't have any green sock yarn for season 3.


Bezzie said...

Um, hello, no green sock yarn for season three? Sounds like a great reason to buy some to me! ;-)

Robyn said...

Hubby has banned me from buying more until I use up what I have. He does not understand the concept of a stash - I only have enough sock yarn to make 6 pairs of socks (including this pair and a pair for sockapalooza) Silly hubby.