Thursday, May 3, 2007

I'm a joiner!

Hi I'm Chris and I'm a Buffy/Angel/Firefly fan. I found this KAL through Bezzie's blog (love the Freebasing Granny Sweater) and thought about joining for a while. I finally decided I had to join because I've been itching to watch my Buffy DVDs again.

I self identified as a Witch because, although I'm not Pagan, feel a deep connection with nature and celebrate the seasons in my own way as they come and go.

I've been knitting & crocheting since I was a small child. I'm currently in a sock frenzy and need to knit something other than socks and soon. I'm full of Buffy-esque ideas and will be casting on with yarn that speaks to me while at Maryland S&W. Or I'll keep working on a a big comfy sweater like Willow is frequently seen in (but not pink with daisy's), that I put down a couple months ago.

Favorite episodes... There are a lot of them.
The Wish/Dopplegangland (they kind of go together)
Once More with Feeling
Dead Things (only for the scene at the end with Tara)
Beneath You

That's just the surface. I don't think there is one episode I don't like.

Favorite character is Spike. Yes, he's good looking and he has the bad boy thing going for him, but that's not why he's my favorite. I love the way he changes through the series. How he becomes a hero in spite of himself. It's epic.

I'm looking forward to seeing all your finished and in process objects and getting to know you!

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Bezzie said...

Hee! Welcome!

I love the character development of Spike too. And the hotness doesn't hurt either ;-)