Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Greetings & Salutations Sunnydale

My name is Monica, from Calling on Kahlo, and I have been a Buffy fan since day one. In fact, I was in college hanging out one night when the pilot aired and I thought it was brilliant. I couldn't stop watching the show. At the time, I watched Xena and thought nothing could top it, and I was wrong. I love Joss Whedon's writing, the characters he creates, the plot twists, and obviously his humor.

Season 2 I was living in my own apartment and couldn't afford a tv so I ran to my friend's every Tuesday night and forced them to watch the show. Of course they got hooked. I got my mom hooked. When I got married, I got my husband hooked. I feel a little sad because I am now having problems finding a tv show that meets up to my high standards. Oh Joss where are you? The t-shirt is available here.

Anyways, I am a Watcher. While I do think I have abilities to be a witch, I think I am more of an advisor, researcher, ahem a geek. Lots of books, lots of useless trivia, and kinda clumsy.
My favorite shows would be Hush, Once More with Feeling, ... I love so many of them. We should also list our favorite one liners like the time I believe Season 2 when Buffy went to the frat party
"Willow Rosenberg (to Giles): And you never let her do anything except work and patrol. And I know she's the Chosen One, but you're killing her with the pressure. I mean, she's sixteen going on forty. [to Angel] And you! I mean, you're gonna live forever. You don't have time for a cup of coffee? [pause; calmer] "
Oh-And on my needles I am working on the Log Cabin Blanket, socks, and more socks...


Bezzie said...

His plot arcs are my favorite too. Welcome!!!

Cobbalicious said...

If you're looking for another show... I've found that Battlestar Gallactica exceeded my expectations about ten times over. It's huge.