Tuesday, May 15, 2007

All About Me

Hi! I was so excited to find this KAL. I've been a Buffy/Joss fan for awhile now. I was always into vampire-y things as I teenager, but I refused to watch the show because of the name (so foolish, I know). About 8 years ago my brother began to educate myself, my significant other & our mother. We would get together every Friday night while his first child was a baby & watch many episodes & discuss them. Those are very good memories. The whole family gathered together (2 couples, 2 children & mom) to watch the historic musical episode! Anyway, we were lucky enough to watch the rest of the series, as well as Angel (oh, how I mourn that demise) while they were still on the air. You think I would have learned my lesson once Firefly came on, but alas I refused to watch anything to do with a "western" and only got into Firefly about 3 years ago. Now I completely trust Joss & I only have to hear his name to jump on board. Please give this man another show!

Whew, ok. My favorite episodes would probably be Once More With Feeling, Tabula Rosa, Fool for Love, Hush, The Body, and others that I really cannot think of right now. I've been a self-taught knitter for 2 1/2 years now & I'm excited to get more into fandom knitting. So far I've only done a Jayne hat & a Harry Potter beret. I'd like to complete a bunch of Buffy projects as well as some kind of Tardis someday. Right now I'm working on a baby blanket, a cozy cardigan the early Willow might wear, and soon I'm casting on for Knitty's Isabella, which really looks to me like something Anya might wear. I'm thinking of Mr. Pointy for my first Buffy project. Although I've always wanted to make the Poster Boy bag from Stitch 'n Bitch with Spike. Maybe it's time to learn some colorwork!

I put myself in the Slayer group because I'd love to be a badass like Buffy & after watching an episode I couldn't stop myself from kicking & punching my way around the room. My favorite character is Spike. There are millions of reasons, but my number one is that he was always honest & true to himself & nobody else could really say that. I have a standup Spike in my living room who wears a knit cap during the Winter and has been known to model scarves for me. My boyfriend & I are currently re-watching all the episodes (currently in season 4) and I look forward to watching the clothing and props with a new knitterly eye!

I'm can't wait to see everyone's inspired projects & get to know other Buffy fans! (Sorry to be so long-winded)

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Bezzie said...

Hoo boy! I need a standup spike except maybe in my bedroom ;-)