Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Hey everyone!

I'm Susan and I'm an alco.....oops. Wrong meeting.

Like Robyn, I'm going to be knitting a sock for this first season. It's not my first sock but I'm as passionate about the yarn I'm using as I am about Buffy!

My favorite episode, huh? That's tough. I like 'Passion', 'Band Candy', 'Hush', 'The Body' and 'Once More with Feeling.' I can't choose.

Anyone out there reading the 8th season? (It's in comic book form.) If so, what do you think so far?

Can't wait to see what everyone will be working on!


Bezzie said...

Hub is reading the comic book version. I myself can't bring myself to think about life post-Sunnydale!

I like that orangey stripe in your sock there!!

Just A Knit Wit said...

The sock looks great. I didn't even know there WAS a comic book. I think I may have to find it.

Robyn said...

I want to read the comic, but it's sold out wherever I look

Robyn said...

ps- I love the orange stripe too

Nancy said...

I'm enjoying the comic so far but I haven't read issue 2 yet.

Bev said...

This may be a meeting that comes pretty close to the one you referenced! I don't know about you but I come pretty close to addicted to Buffy myself.

What kind of sock yarn is it?