Monday, April 30, 2007

Hi, I'm Ines from Germany. I'm a fan of BtVS since Season 5 was showed in german TV. Later I bought the former seasons to watch them too. The most impressive character for me is Spike (who else :)), and 2004 I've had the pleasure to meet James Marsters in Berlin - he was there with the Band Ghost of the Robot for a concert and a Convention with Question and Answer session. He ist a very nice guy with a impressive presence, and during the autograph session he was nearly shy - very cute!
Some weeks ago I found this blog and was surprised and delighted; now I can connect my knitting with the Buffyverse. Of course I knitted the most time while watching Buffy or Angel, but until now this both things were two different shoes. Now I've joined in the slayer group /(maybe I'm not evil enough or dark enough for the vampire group ;)), and so I've decided to knit the Eiffel sweater from the winter knitty - here's the link to this pattern:
It could be a typical Buffy outfit, perfect for nightly patrols on Sunnydales cemeteries :)))
As a reminiscence of Spike my sweater will be black, with red bands.

Oh, my favourite episodes are the finales of season seven; the whole last season is the best one in my eyes too.

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Just A Knit Wit said...

That Eiffel pattern is SO Buffy.

I'm so jealous you met Spike!

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