Friday, April 20, 2007

Buffy Backstory

I didn’t start out as a fan of Buffy. In fact, I was strongly against the show. I had absolutely NO interest in it when it first came out, or even when the reruns were showing.

I thought it was dumb.


And whenever I saw my mom watching the reruns I would always ask “So how many times does she die in THIS episode?”

I thought that Willow made Tara because she couldn’t get anyone to like her and, since Xander looks freakishly like one of my Ex’s in season 5 and 6 (when he got a little heavier) I had a million reasons to boycott the show. Plus… I’d seen the movie.

Then a co-worker started telling me about the different plots. About the different back stories and stuff. And she showed up dressed like Spike for Halloween one year. Short bleached hair and everything. It was freaky. She loaned me the DVDs and halfway through season 1 I was hooked.

So what’s your Buffy Backstory?

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Anonymous said...

Great question! I bought the first season on DVD on a whim--found it used--thought it was worth a few $$$ and some moderate entertainment. My expectations were low. I'd never seen it. And it's sort of not like me to buy things like that spur of the moment. But DH and I got really hooked; we bought and watched all 7 seasons, then watched them again with our kids, who are now also big fans.