Monday, February 4, 2008

Welcome to Sunnydale

I'm so excited about joining this blog. I'm a Buffy fan from way back and grew up along with her through high school. I related to Buffy a lot..... in fact Slayers in general. I grew up with a single mother who was working hard to keep a roof over our head. We always had enough and we were comfortable and grateful for all that we had, but my mom also has a chronic illness that would make life harder at times. She almost died three different times (that I was actually present for, this doesn't count the times I didn't know about until I got older). My Senior year of high school she almost died and spent two months in the hospital as I started my last year of high school. I was alone dealing with things that in the real world add up to demons as I helped my mom recover all the while keeping everything that was happening at home from my friends and telling my family that I was okay and didn't need help. I started watching Buffy that year and it helped me get through and be strong. While I love every season of Buffy I think it's Season five that really takes the place of honor in my DVD collection. The Body episode was very real to me and I loved the development of Buffy's character as well as her relationship with Spike. I prefer Spike over Angel. I think their relationship was more real while Angel and Buffy were more like puppy love (sickening, sappy, puppy love). Before any of you try to flog me for that, I must also say that I love Angel as well and own all seasons on DVD (very upset that it was cancelled when it was although I heard there was a comic showing what happens after the fight- something about hell in LA and Angel riding a dragon...... Buffy is also carried on in Season eight through comics if any of you weren't aware).
I had plans to showcase a few sweaters worn by Buffy starting with Season four on my own blog and then I found this blog. My first project is going to be either the yellow and orange overlay from the Thanksgiving episode or the hot pink boat mock neck sweater that I saw Buffy sporting (can't remember what episode). Can't wait to get started!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, you're not alone in the Spike vs. Angel debate! My only qualm is towards the end of the series, when Spike got kind of mushy and puppy-love-ish himself. But otherwise, Spike over Angel? Absolutely!

SwetPMnkyGrl said...

But Spike never looked like he was wanting to cry the whole time he was around Buffy. Angel always looked like he wanted to cry or that he really needed a bathroom and some Imodium. :-)

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